Introduction to the Art of Artificial Intelligence AiArt

Original art or non-original art!

The first joint collaboration between a painter and artificial intelligence

Being original has always been one of the fundamental pillars of the art world.

Originality and exclusivity play a leading role not only in the lives of artists, art collectors, and galleries – but also between friends and loved ones. Whether we’re looking for the right piece to decorate our space with, or choosing a friend or a companion. The more unique they are the more they stay in your head. The more authentic they are, the more valuable they seem.

It’s not so surprising that authenticity comes at a hefty price. The most devoted artists spend hours, days, even sometimes countless years on a painting. And it is perfectly natural and logical that the result of the effort, thought and insight dedicated by the artist and over many years is rightfully and deservingly rewarded.

When looking at the traditional trend of art-making, factors such as additional costs and especially intermediaries are considered to be two major reasons why original art is hardly possessed by someone with a lower budget.

Our brain is used to thinking that, the more time is spent in creating art, makes that peace more valuable, and to a degree, it seems to be logical. But what if every original painting you encounter gives you a different type of original feeling, in a way that you haven’t felt before?

Art is a field that is constantly developing, the type of human perception of art a century ago is quite different from what we understand today. It has been centuries that the art market has been dominated by a handful of people while the rest of the society is deprived from the feeling and benefits. In many cases, this exclusivity has negatively impacted many cultures throughout history.
For the first time, I decided to create my personal project called “Collaborating Painter and Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age”, the result of which is the works that are before you.

Today, artificial intelligence is a new genre of art that I find completely impartial. As a small member of the art community, I look forward to taking more effective steps along with artists and activists in the field of art and technology around the world. And as a small member of this beautiful community filled with special talents, I would love to see a day where people focus on the art itself instead of the price tag. They pay attention to visual images, the atmosphere portrayed in it, the overall feeling of it and finally the artist’s spiritual and personality angles. I would keep my hopes for the day where art is broken out of being a luxury product for the elite and embraces the open arms of the society.