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What is NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

  • NFT, or non-exchangeable token, is a special type of cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology to create a type of digital asset and digitally tradable stock that is not reproducible, although NFTs are used in a variety of industries. More in the field of art, especially all digital arts. Gaming and digital collections are used and were first built on the Atrium platform. Of course, along with the growth and development of NFTs, new platforms on the basis of other networks such as ziliqa. wax and BEP-721 protocol of China Binary Smart Network (BSC) are also in place and growing. Later I will try to write about user experiences in different network platforms for those who are interested in cryptography or cryptoart and share with you the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.
  • They are not split smaller, or you buy a whole digital work of art or you do not buy it at all. Sell ​​directly to audiences around the world without the need for auctions, thus retaining a larger share of the profits from the sale. Irrevocable tokens can also be used to monetize a person’s talent or time, for example, one can use NFT in newsletters, podcasts or videos, or even profit farming. & Nbsp;
  • Fungible tokens are tokens that can be traded with each other and their price remains the same. In the field of cryptocurrencies, one bitcoin has a value equal to another bitcoin and its value is fixed regardless of the owner or its history. Individual characteristics determine their uniqueness, so they are as irreplaceable as real-world assets such as gemstones, works of art or collectibles. I will give an example for a better understanding. Suppose I have a ticket to the Shah Lear show and my friend gets a ticket to the Chekhov Cherry Orchard show. We both have a theater ticket. The two are completely different and cannot be exchanged because of their unique features, whereas if we wanted to exchange two hundred dollar bills, this was simply possible because one hundred dollars with another hundred dollars. It has the same properties and is so-called fungible. & Nbsp;
  • Why are irreversible tokens important?
  • NFT tokens have the potential to be one of The key components of a digital economy are blockchain-based, these tokens can be used in a variety of areas such as video games, digital identification, licensing, certification or pure arts, and even granting a fraction of ownership. Storing data ownership and identity on the blockchain increases data integrity and privacy, as well as easy transfer and management without the need for trust in these assets can reduce friction (fees) in the global trade and economy. After recognition. Manufacturing and Selling NFTs I have come to the conclusion that the NFT space is still very new and emerging, and will certainly bring significant improvements and developments that could transform the future of the art world and the transfer of ownership of the work of art. I believe that NFT can be expected to find its place in the world of pure arts more and more and more towards a serious position in digital arts. Produce original content. Defy. Game and web design and digital identity will advance. For this reason, we must wait for the emergence of new and more advanced platforms alongside current NFT projects in 2022.
  • Yasman Sharifzadeh