What does art produced with the help of artificial intelligence mean?

What does art produced with the help of artificial intelligence mean?

Perhaps the first known attempt to produce art extensively by artificial intelligence was Google’s Deep Dream project. Deep Dream is actually an algorithm that was originally intended to be used as a face classifier, and face recognition in images, and its use was not purely artistic.

Alexander Mordovintsev found that it could be reversed, using facial features as input data to produce unrealistic images.

At present, when we talk about art produced by artificial intelligence, we mean two different categories, including:

Neural Style Transfer or Generative Adversarial Networks.

Neural style transfer is the name of a family of algorithms used to apply the style and context of one or more existing images to another image as primary input.

This method, as well as deep dream algorithms, were amazing advances in artificial intelligence. Use a predetermined such thing as a painting or photography as raw data, which is why it has been somewhat criticized by tech-savvy artists.

But the latest type of artificial intelligence is based on Generate Adversarial Networks and in the world of artificial intelligence, has the most similar type of memory and intelligence to a living artist in the real world. Traditionally, GAN algorithms have the greatest desire and ability to produce drawings and images that are similar to existing art styles, this is the same algorithm that created the famous portrait of “Edmond De Belamy” and of course it is the technology On which my paintings are based.

I upload a number of new works daily.

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