A valuable and unique gift

Gift Card

Ability to select the work by the recipient of the gift code

Would you like to give someone a lasting and unique gift?

Give them an optional gift with our gift cards, choose the amount of the gift card, then sit back and let the recipient himself navigate through all the drawings I made with the help of artificial intelligence. And choose his favorite work. Using Yas-AI gift cards is easy and the recipient does not incur any additional costs.

How does it work?

Select the amount you want to donate.
Click “Send as a gift” and enter the recipient’s name and mobile number.
You can send it immediately or choose to schedule it to be sent automatically later.

You can also choose to send the gift card via SMS or any messaging platform as a link, or request a printout for a small fee to print a physical copy and give it to him in person in a beautiful envelope. .

You will be notified when the recipient opens the gift card.